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crwdworld connects people, entrepreneurs, and businesses together on a single decentralized platform.
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Performance. Protection. Privacy.

crwdid gives you the power to control your own data and choose how to use it. Manage your identity and digital assets and more on one simple, secure platform. It’s the way you’ll do everything online soon.
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Create your world

crwdworld connects people, entrepreneurs, and businesses together on a single decentralized platform. Our products and services provide the tools everyone needs to grow and thrive in the new Web3 economy.
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Buy and sell everywhere

Fast, easy and secure, crwdmarket gives people the freedom to transact anywhere, anytime. Modern solutions for building, marketing and launching an online business. Heaps of tools and analytics to drive organic traffic to your site and grow your audience.
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Spend smarter. Live better.

Spend and share on crwdcapital, the decentralized network for identity banking and social transactions. Decide what, where, and how you want to share your information to earn rewards from your favorite brands. Spend smart, spend crwd_.
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Build your business

From identity banking to business growth tools; fintech payment solutions to funding your next big idea—we’re here to help people and businesses thrive in the new Web3 economy. crwdfinance connects you with community and capital to grow your business.
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Powering the digital world

A single-entry point to our entire ecosystem of digital services. Advanced blockchain technology provides new levels of privacy and security. crwdsystem runs on our custom-built blockchain platform to power AI, compaction, and more.
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Touch the

The world is complex, complicated, messy. But life doesn’t have to be… the future is powered by you. As your trusted agent, we help you chart your path in the CrowdPoint blockchain ecosystem — giving you safe passage to Web3.
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